Harry - 18 Months

Harry - 18 Months

When Tessa reached out to me for help with her little man Harry, her and her partner were having such a hard time getting him down for bed at night time. He was absolutely refusing to go down and it was taking them well over an hour to finally get him off to sleep. He would often wake again at least once, needing to be rocked/shushed back to sleep.
Tessa and her partner were ready for change! They had tried implementing a few different things at bed time, some of which seemed to do the trick, but then Harry would go backwards again and they weren't sure why.

After chatting to Tessa during our phone consult, I could see that Harry's wake window between his nap and bed time was a little too long, causing overtiredness by bed time and wakes before midnight.

Because Tessa and her partner weren't entirely sure what to do, there was a little bit of inconsistency in how they were settling Harry for sleeps, which was causing a bit of confusion for him too!

Harry's room was a little too light in the evenings and mornings, and Tessa was starting to run into the problem of him pooing either when they were trying to settle him for bed, or when he woke during the night, which started creating some problems with consistency.

During our time together we adjusted Harry's wake windows and day schedule, sorted the lighting in his room, and adjusted Harry's diet to encourage those poos earlier in the day!

I recommended a settling method that aligned with Tessa and her partners parenting style, and that she thought Harry was going to respond to best.

Tessa and her partner were total champs and stayed really consistent with their chosen settling method. Although it was pretty hard over the first few days, after a week we saw huge changes with how Harry was settling at night time, and by the end of our 2 weeks together he was on a great schedule during the day, was going down to sleep at night without a peep, and was no longer pooing during the night!

The following week, after we finished up, they even went away for the weekend and Harry managed to nap at his usual time (on the boat even), and went down for the night with absolutely no problems in a brand new environment!

Tessa's Testimonial

"Can't recommend Erin enough!! Our wee boy has been refusing bed time and wakes through the night and for the past year we have had no consistency. Enough was enough for us so I got in touch with Erin and she was able to pin point straight away the issue and with a few tweaks and her guidance along the way, we now have a wee boy who doesn't even cry when put to bed and sleeps through the night with no wakes! Erin made the whole process so seamless and her constant support along the way made this all happen! Our life has changed so much in just a few weeks thanks to Erin. She really is a miracle worker šŸ’›"

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