Jared - 7 Months Old

Jared - 7 Months Old

When Madison and Reece reached out to me, their little man, Jared, was waking multiple times in the night, usually every 2-3 hours. Then he would need to be fed and rocked back to sleep every time. It had also reached the point where they couldn't get Jared to sleep in his cot, and they were taking shifts in the night so he could contact sleep on one of them while the other could get some sleep.

Jared was also waking up quite early in the mornings and then having 3 naps during the day, but 2 of them were catnaps lasting only about 30 minutes.

Poor Madison and Reece were bloody exhausted, and absolute troopers! I don't know how they managed to function?!

They desperately needed longer stretches of sleep during the night to cope with their daily commitments, such as work and study, and to enjoy some quality time together at the end of the day.

So, they reached out to me.

Madison had mentioned they had tried spaced soothing/controlled crying in the past, but they really didn't like leaving their little man to cry and were looking for a gentle settling method, which I completely understood.

At such a young age, I am 100% here for helping our little ones settle and resettle gently.

After our phone conversation, Madison decided they would work with me one-on-one through my 2-week sleep support package. I created a sleep plan for them that included a plan to gradually reduce Jared's night feeds to only 1 overnight feed over a few days and to work on resettling him for any other wakes. 

We made some small tweaks to Jared's daily routine to make sure his wake windows were suitable for his individual needs. This involved slightly shifting his nap times and focusing on a short morning nap and a longer lunchtime nap.

We introduced some protein into his diet at lunchtime to support better napping and night sleep. As we reduced the amount of milk feeds Jared was having overnight, he became hungrier during the day, allowing us to reduce the number of daytime feeds. Instead of snacking, he started having really good, full feeds. He was also doing super well with his solids!

A wee bit later down the track, we noticed that Jared was struggling to get through from his morning feed to his next one, so we introduced brekkie, which he absolutely loved!

Finally, we went with a gentle settling method that allowed Madison and Reece to stay in the room with Jared while working on settling and resettling him to sleep. This meant they could be in there with him while he learned this new skill.

After the first day, Jared was settling and resettling in his cot with just Madison or Reece's hand on him for support. By the fourth night, he was down to only 1 feed overnight. By the fifth day, they could put Jared into his cot, and he would go to sleep and resettle after waking without them even entering the room!

By the end of our time together, Jared was having 2 great naps during the day, settling to sleep and resettling on his own, and either having 1 or sometimes no wakes for a feed at all during the night. Madison and Reece were really happy with that and keen to continue feeding once in the night if he needed it.

They were getting the sleep they needed through the night, they had a predictable routine during the day which meant they could get out and about, and Jared has been so much happier during his awake times. He has put on lots of weight and is loving practicing learning to crawl!

Madison and Reece's testimonial:

“Prior to seeking out help from Erin we were struggling to get more than 2 hours of consecutive sleep a night. Jared would very rarely be put down in his bed and was having naps all over the show. He would only sleep on us leading us to taking it in shifts being up all night holding him so he could get some sleep overnight. We were exhausted and slowly losing ourselves from sleep deprivation. 

Now we are often only waking up once to not-at-all throughout the night! No matter whether there is sickness or teething we always get at least an 8-10-hour stretch of consecutive sleep every night, sometimes even the once mythical 12 hours! We have consistent naps throughout the day and as a whole our family is so much happier and well-rested. 

We loved how Erin was so incredibly supportive and on-board with how we wished to approach things as we were never interested in cry-based sleep training. Erin worked with us and our boundaries and made us feel completely capable and confident in our approach. Our plan was super thorough and covered everything from sleeping, eating to how to do a nap on the go! We deeply enjoyed her positivity and kindness, she went absolutely above and beyond for us and we are immensely grateful.”

If Jared's story is sounding anything like what is going on for you at the moment, I'm here for you! You can book a free 15min chat with me or get straight in there and book your support package.

You don't have to carry on struggling 
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