Manaaki - 1 Year Old

Manaaki - 1 Year Old

Danni and Sonny reached out to me for help with their little man Manaaki, who was having really inconsistent naps during the day, sometimes for only for 20mins at a time, and he would need a lot of support to be able to settle to sleep.

At night time he would go to sleep in his own cot but would usually wake around midnight. Sometimes he wouldn’t get back to sleep for a good hour after having a bottle and having to have Danni or Sonny pat him to sleep in his cot, or bring him into their bed.

Understandably being up for this long in the night was getting tough on them both! They were also worried that Manaaki wasn’t getting enough sleep compared to other toddlers they knew.

Once Danni had sent through her sleep questionnaire, I could see that we needed to make a few tweaks to Manaaki’s sleep environment. As well as shift his routine to align with his biological nap windows in the day and make sure his wake windows weren’t too long so he wasn’t overtired.

I could also see he had a few different sleep associations that were causing him to wake after sleep cycles in the day and in the middle of the night. But he also had a couple of really great associations that we could continue to offer alongside working on getting Manaaki to self-settle and resettle in his own cot!

I recommended 2 different settling methods that Danni and Sonny could try, according to what I thought would work best for them and Manaaki. They then chose the settling method they felt comfortable using and thought he would respond to best.

Within the first 3 days Manaaki was settling himself at bed time and for his naps, and on the second night he had slept through the night. What a total champ!

By the end of our 2 weeks together he was self-settling for naps and at bed time, having really good naps during the day, and most nights was sleeping through the night and waking at 7am the next morning. If he wasn’t sleeping through the night he was only briefly waking and quickly popping himself back to sleep.

Danni and Sonny were amazing throughout the whole process! They stayed so consistent and were positive throughout the whole time we worked together. I’m so proud of them for asking for help and now them and their little man are getting all the sleep that they need.

“Erin was so helpful throughout our experience, going above and beyond expectations and we could not recommend her enough!” - Danni
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