I'm Erin

I'm a Registered Early Childhood Teacher, Centre Manager, and Certified Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

 I decided to train as a sleep consultant so I could do more for not only the families I currently work with, but families all over NZ. Every day I see exhausted Mums dropping their little ones off in the morning after a bloody hard night battling with sleep.

 They're knackered, their little one is exhausted, and no one in the family is happy.

 The worst part, is that society has made them feel that this is a normal part of parenting and it's just something you have to suck up and get through.

 Which I’m here to say is total BULLSHIT.

 You don't have to be put up with shit sleep just because you're a parent.

 The two don't just go hand in hand.

 It's bloody ok to want things to be different AND to get help to change it!

 Your mental health matters.

 Your relationship matters.

Your little one's cognitive and physical health matters.


 And not only that, being a parent is hard. You DESERVE a good nights sleep so you can be the amazing mum, dad, or caregiver that you are, and enjoy the time you spend with your baby or toddler.

 You're doing the right thing reaching out for help.

Asking for help is BRAVE.

You are NOT failing.

 I will work with you to help you achieve good quality sleep for your little one. In ways that are personalised to suit you and your family, and using settling methods that YOU feel comfortable using. I promise you, I will not pressure you into using a settling method you are not comfortable with. 

My sleep support is more than just sleep training. I will create a plan for you and your little one that covers several different factors that contribute to great naps and night sleep, such as environment, routines, basic nutrition, settling methods, associations, and more. 

Then, I'll be right there with you. Checking in each day, answering questions, and providing you with support and guidance as you implement the sleep plan with your little one. You won't be doing this alone!

I offer one on one packages that can support you with:

- Night wakes

- Late bed times and early morning wake ups

- Short naps

- Routines

- Changing the way your little one settles to sleep and resettles

- Sleep regressions

- New-born sleep environments, hands-on settling techniques, and wake windows

- And so much more!

If you're feeling unsure or would like to chat with me before booking your package, click on the button below to book your free, 15min, no strings attached consult. I would love to talk with you about what I can offer and you can decide whether I might be the right fit to support you and your family.