Jared - 7 Months Old 

“Prior to seeking out help from Erin we were struggling to get more than 2 hours of consecutive sleep a night. Jared would very rarely be put down in his bed and was having naps all over the show. He would only sleep on us leading us to taking it in shifts being up all night holding him so he could get some sleep overnight. We were exhausted and slowly losing ourselves from sleep deprivation. 

Now we are often only waking up once to not-at-all throughout the night! No matter whether there is sickness or teething we always get at least an 8-10-hour stretch of consecutive sleep every night, sometimes even the once mythical 12 hours! We have consistent naps throughout the day and as a whole our family is so much happier and well-rested. 

We loved how Erin was so incredibly supportive and on-board with how we wished to approach things as we were never interested in cry-based sleep training. Erin worked with us and our boundaries and made us feel completely capable and confident in our approach. Our plan was super thorough and covered everything from sleeping, eating to how to do a nap on the go! We deeply enjoyed her positivity and kindness, she went absolutely above and beyond for us and we are immensely grateful.”

- Madison and Reece

Manaaki - 1 Year Old

“Erin was so helpful throughout our experience, going above and beyond expectations and we could not recommend her enough!” - Danni

 Harry - 18 Months 

"Can't recommend Erin enough!! Our wee boy has been refusing bed time and wakes through the night and for the past year we have had no consistency. Enough was enough for us so I got in touch with Erin and she was able to pin point straight away the issue and with a few tweaks and her guidance along the way, we now have a wee boy who doesn't even cry when put to bed and sleeps through the night with no wakes! Erin made the whole process so seamless and her constant support along the way made this all happen! Our life has changed so much in just a few weeks thanks to Erin. She really is a miracle worker."

1 Year Old Client

"Within days we had our boy in a much better routine which he responded to well. Erin was very supportive and to consistent communication meant every step and reassurance was covered. Erin was also supportive of the method we worked with and what we were ok with. highly recommend. Thankyou Erin!"


1 Year Old Client

"We have been absolutely amazed at the support we received from Erin. She went above and beyond to help us out, with constant communication so we never felt we were in it alone. Erin was genuinely riding along the journey with us and happy for us when we got the results we needed!

My 12 mo went from waking up to 15x a night, to sleeping through the night in her own cot.

I wouldn’t have believed it if it was someone else telling me it was possible. Not only did we have incredible results, but Erin was kind and caring along the way and never made me feel uncomfortable with enforcing settling methods that didn’t sit right with us. She was genuinely empathetic from the start, as I was against the crying methods. My husband and I now have our quality time back, and it is so SO nice going off to sleep without thinking “I’ll be up again in 30 minutes”. Super thankful to Erin and what she’s done for our family."

9 Month Old Client

"We worked with Erin for just 2 weeks, and the tweaks that Erin guided us in making made a world of difference to our 10 month old’s sleep (and ours too!). Going from multiple nightly wakes to sleeping through the night we are so grateful for the approach taken, looking at feedings, nap times and settling techniques – I do believe it was looking at the whole picture that made the difference. Recommend 100%."

Libby - 6 Months Old

"Thank you so much Erin for helping with extending Libby’s daytime naps and early morning wakes! You have a wealth of knowledge, were awesome at checking in with us and answering our questions promptly!"

Charlie - 8 Months Old

"Thank you so much Erin for all of your help with Charlie, her sleep has never been better thanks to your recommendations even if some seemed simple they really have had a huge impact! Highly recommend for anyone struggling with their babies sleep"